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Surviving The Valley of Death

Yeah, Thought I Walk

If you want to be an entrepreneur, unless your business grew gradually over years as an extension of your hobby, you will have to get through The Valley of Death. I am in The Valley of Death now.  In fact, I’m in the early stages of walking this journey.  For me, The Valley of Death […]

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Creating Value > “Making Money”

My focus is on creating value.  Creating things that people find useful and that help them live happier, healthier, more abundant lives.  This might be through writing, creating products, or managing other people developing and delivering said products–but the focus is always on creating value. I do this for several reasons: It’s much more rewarding […]

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Take A Free HTML and CSS Course Online

Not everyone has to code, and only a few will ever pursue software development as a profession.  But, in the modern world, I believe everyone with a decent intelligence level should take a free introductory programming course online.  I suggest you take the free courses for HTML and CSS.  It will simply give you better […]

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Skill to Master: What Not to Care About

People who are ambitious and want to build something significant in this world often stumble with developing a key skill: what not to care about. They want everything to be perfect so they “overindex” as they say in the software world on things that don’t matter or that someone else could do. They agonize over […]

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Thrive Themes Rocks

Thrive Architect is a What You See is What You Get (WYSWYG) visual editor—which means that while you are building the webpage, it looks on the screen very similar to how the page will look when published online.  This is extremely helpful for building complicated webpages, including home pages, particularly for people who aren’t expert […]

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