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Thrive Architect is a What You See is What You Get (WYSWYG) visual editor—which means that while you are building the webpage, it looks on the screen very similar to how the page will look when published online.  This is extremely helpful for building complicated webpages, including home pages, particularly for people who aren’t expert in HTML and CSS.  Even for those who are expert at writing in HTML and CSS, a visual editor can speed up the nuances of formatting tremendously.

My advice.  Get the full Thrive Membership suite with the 30-day money back guarantee.  Play with it as much as possible.  If you don’t need the whole suite of products, you can just buy what you need at the end of the 30 days.  The great thing about the full membership is you can play with all their themes and see which works best for you.

Just remember.  For most content creators, the focus should be on the words and the content–not the bells and whistles of sliders, pop ups, etc.  It’s easy to lose yourself down the rabbit hole of trying to create the perfect webpage.

Another tip.  Having the TCB plugin active does slow down your movements when working online in WordPress.  When you are first building your site, and aren’t live yet, you can disable the TCB plugin and work on your posts and pages that won’t be created using TCB—much more quickly.  Then turn the TCB plugin back on when you have a lot of the stuff written and need to go live.

Additional Thoughts About Thrive

  • The training videos for the basics of building a website are excellent.
  • The company has a lot of integrity. You can just feel it.  They are building solid products and selling them.  There is no hype.  They are even honest about the rare shortcomings of their products.
  • The founders of Thrive are young and driven. The will likely continue to innovate and keep updating their products.
  • Thrive’s customer service is excellent. They respond quickly and have solved every challenge I had on the first email exchange.

Thrive Themes – Closing Thoughts

Picking a theme and company to work with to build your online business is a big commitment.  Once you learn how to maneuver in a specific firm’s premium themes and plugins, you have invested a lot of time mastering that company’s specific tools.  So think this through and make sure you are comfortable with your decision.

I feel great about Thrive and hope you will like them as well.  Good luck, and let me know your experience!

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