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Energy Cords – How To Cut The Negative Links Between You And The Rest Of The World. And Then Bloom…

How To Cut Those Negative Energy Cords

We all sometimes become connected to other people, places, situations, institutions, ideas, anything.  Sometimes this can be a positive connection, but it can also often be something very negative.

Energy cords are real. They impact all of us. Sometimes for a long time.

But first, a quick story.

Energy Cords Are Real - We Are All Connected

When I was in college, I traveled to the south of France to visit a couple of friends who were studying abroad. I had been going through a couple of years of challenging health problems while I was in college and had taken a semester off to focus on my health. (I eventually did get back to full health - a story for another day.)

I’ll never forget what happened one afternoon at a department store in Perpignan, France. My friend Danielle came up to me and said, “Does your neck hurt here? ... Do you have a headache over here in the front?”

She proceeded to outline my symptoms, one by one.  Then told me she was experiencing them all along with me.  

At first, we both thought this was amazing and cool. But when we got to day three of her experiencing my exact symptoms, I started to worry. I had enough problems of my own without them spilling over onto someone else for goodness sake!

So I called my doctor Sylvia back in the United States and explained the situation. (She incorporates a psychic element to her medical practice.) Sylvia calmly responded that Dani and I had become energetically connected. Now, we needed to cut the link.

Energy Cord Cutting Meditation

I had never even heard of this type of a connection, but I had nothing to lose and trusted my doctor. So here’s what she had me do.

I visualized energy cords streaming out of me and connecting with my friend Danielle. I then imagined myself cutting these chords. I actually visualized a giant set of scissors that I was holding with both hands that I used to cut the cords as they streamed out in front of me. It wasn't brutal or anything. Just a natural cutting -- like cutting up a piece of paper or something.

I followed this cord cutting meditation for three to five minutes just one time.

And that was that. The next morning I saw Dani, and all was well. She no longer felt any of my symptoms at all.

How I Cut Energy Cords Today

Over the years, I have continued to use the technique I learned from my doctor -- though I've modified it slightly. Here’s what I do now.

I write or dictate a quick journal entry describing exactly how I'm feeling. I acknowledge the connection and state that it is time to create a more appropriate relationship with that person, thing, situation, idea, or institution.

I'll give you a very quick example. There is an institution that I used to work for that I am very fond of. Nonetheless, I do have some bitterness and anger about certain things in relation to this institution.

I realized that I was carrying around this resentment and anger with me and that it was doing me no good.

So this morning I dictated a journal entry outlining what was going on and how this was no longer productive. I stated just the basic facts, and then I said “I cut cut cut cut cut cut cut the unhealthy elements of this relationship….  I love you [institution X], but we need to get this relationship squared away and appropriate…. I cut cut cut cut cut away from the inappropriate elements of this relationship.”

I emphasized the positive and the wonderful things that I learned while working there. But I also cut cut cut cut cut away the negative.

After I had dictated this journal entry, I read it over and tweaked it a little bit here and there.

Then I read it out loud. I walked around the room cut, cut, cutting mentally away from these negative thoughts and connections.

I even took my hand and swiped it down it across the front of my body from around the forehead down to my stomach making a sweeping cutting motion [like a karate chop] -- cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.

Don’t Get Lost Down The Rabbit Hole

Now here is something that I want to stress, and it's important. Do not get lost doing this exercise for hours on end. You want to do this process briskly, efficiently, and with the incisiveness that comes naturally with “cutting away” from something. You don't want to wallow in any of this.

If you are addressing something that has a strong connection to you, I do suggest that you read it over, fine tune what you have written, and make the cutting motion several times over the course of a week.

Then, when you are done, don't leave what you have written in your journal. Delete it.

This is not something you want to be going back and reading over and over and over. If you want to write a one-sentence record of what you did just for your own recollection down the road in your journal, go ahead.

But this is about cutting things away and letting them go -- not hugging them to you and making them part of your identity. Be tough and strong about this!

Get All Your Energy Cords Flowing Perfectly

If you have the time and energy, I suggest you do the following. 

Take out a piece of paper or open up your computer and list every area in your life that you feel uneasy about. List every person you've ever known that when you think of them it feels off. List every situation that feels off. List every location. Etc.

Then implement the above technique for each item that you listed. Start with the most challenging one you're comfortable facing. Once you tackle something difficult, everything else will get easier.

Work your way through the list, and just cut cut cut cut cut away any negative cords that might be tying you to that situation.

It might take a couple of weeks to work through your list, but I think you will find you feel amazing after doing this.  

I want to emphasize one last time that you don't want to turn this into a navel-gazing exercise. Don't overdo how much time you spend on each cord. Be brisk, focused, and incisive. Just get the energy cords squared away and move forward. You will know when each item is “complete.”

Good luck!

Tom “let go of those negative energy cords” Johnston

P.S. Once you cut away the negative links, I suggest you slowly incorporate meditation in you life. This post on relaxation meditation will get you started.​​

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