Commit To Where You Are. No Matter What.

Commit To Where You Are. No Matter What.

There is a terrible habit that many of us indulge.  No matter where we are, we somehow become dissatisfied and wish we were somewhere else.

“Never Enough…  Not Quite Satisfied…”

Got a pretty good job?  You focus on the shortcomings and look elsewhere.

Single?  You wish you had a partner in crime.

Slightly overweight?  You wish you were skinnier.

Of course, we all have goals, and we should all be gently swimming towards the ideal.  I’m not even urging you to accept the status quo.  I’m certainly not saying don’t strive to make change in your life.  Change is great!

Commit To The Moment.  Yes, This Moment.  Right Now.

However, no matter where you are in life, commit to that moment.  Accept it.  Appreciate what is good in this very set of seconds spooling out in your life rather than kvetching about what doesn’t quite measure up.  If you commit to the moment consistently and make a habit of it, you will find much deeper satisfaction day-to-day and likely enjoy better health.  Constant worry, resistance, and internal complaining puts tremendous stress on your body and mind.

Commit.  Accept.  Smile.  And keep moving forward.

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