How To Build Inner Strength – The Shangri-La Of Life

Inner Strength is one of the Shangri-Las of life.  With inner strength you have enough reserves to weather the hard times, the self-reliance to forge a path that brings joy, and the vision to lead yourself and others towards a better world.

How Do We Build Inner Strength?

  • First, and most important.  Stop looking outward for meaning, validation, and  for a world that syncs up with your own values.  This is a foolish war you will never win; it will perpetually drain you.
  • Related to point one, don’t ever expect people and places to make you whole and balanced.  Don’t expect your city to be perfect.  Don’t expect your friends and family to mirror your (ever-evolving) values.  Let the outside world be what it is.  Find your peace and strength internally.
  • Recognize that life has not only an outward form, Maya, but also inner space, Atma.  Consistently training your attention towards Atma develops inner strength, balance, and joy.
  • Eat well (though not manically so).  The body responds to good nutrition.
  • Maintain integrity, especially on the little things.  Don’t cut corners.  Don’t make a habit of hyper-sharp business practices.
  • Take time to rest internally.  This means do nothing several times a day.  This doesn’t mean you need hours.  We are talking five or ten breaths of just relaxing internally and following your breath.  This reset will allow your mind, body, and soul the natural rhythm of tension and relaxation that maintains tone.
  • Work on your posture and stretching.  Both actions strengthen core body strength.  It’s difficult to maintain resolve when your body wilts quickly under strain.  Ten minutes per day of yoga and stretching, will–over time–develop tremendous core strength.
  • Don’t rush.  But remember, moving quickly isn’t always rushing.
  • Minimize complaining.  Attempting to cut out all complaining is absurd.  Such an extreme practice proves dehumanizing, unrealistic, and potentially dangerous.  That said, do strive to keep your kvetching to a minimum.  When you whine and focus on your troubles too frequently, you feed them and give them life.  Sure, talk out your problems and worries, then focus 98 percent of your efforts on what you want to see rather than what you don’t like.
  • Spend time in nature.  Nature heals.  Nature recalibrates.  Nature brings you back to balance.  No need to free solo El Cap.  A gentle stroll or reading a book in your local park will do.

Inner Strength Is Not Ostentatious Display

The shifts advocated in this post are internal and don’t need to be signaled outwardly–though people will sense the strength you develop and gravitate towards the stability.

And remember The Bard’s immortal words:

“This above all: to thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

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