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Don’t Write First Drafts in WordPress

Don't Write First Drafts In Wordpress

I suggest you not draft your posts in WordPress.  It’s just too slow.  Also, by drafting them offline, you have a backup copy saved just in case your site goes down.  Draft the title, think of the categories, and write the content offline—in MS Word, OneNote, or Evernote—then move them up when they are finished. […]

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Just Grind It Out

Are you lost and confused?  Afraid? Just pick something that matters.  That you think you should do.  And take a tiny step. Grind it out. When I was most lost in fear, I just started doing stuff that mattered to me. I took walks early in the morning. I took baby steps to starting blog […]

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Out In The Wild…..

I’m guessing this post by Paul Graham drew a fair amount of flak.  After all, he compares people who are employees (as opposed to those who work for themselves) to tamed animals in a zoo rather than beasts of the wild. While I think it was an extreme comparison, I have to admit that bailing […]

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If You Aren’t Having Fun,

You are playing someone else’s game. You are working in a field or environment that doesn’t match your personality. You should be doing something else. You don’t have to quit your job, but put your energy towards what resonates. And get to work.

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