The Number One Question You Should Ask Yourself – Each And Every Day

How Can I Be Of Service Today?

Feeling forlorn?  A little lost?

Usually when we are down on ourselves it is because we are upset that our life isn't working out the way we want for us.  There is nothing wrong with advancing your interests and being concerned about your well-being.  That's natural.

Where we get into trouble is when our self-concern comes to dominate our mind.  We are never satisfied.  We are full of regret.  We worry.

I have a suggestion for you whenever you feel tense or worried.  Ask yourself this question.

"Today, how can I be of service to others?"

Notice I didn't suggest you to ask, "Today, how can I change the world?"  Why?  Because that question immediately puts the focus back on you.  You as the hero.  You as the key to everything.

Again, hey.  Want to be the hero?  Go for it.  Seriously!

But I don't think that is our primary mission, day-in-and-day-out.  Our mission is to simply serve others--with a nice, big dose of humility.

You Can Always Be Of Service - No Matter What

And here is what is beautiful about this question.  It doesn't matter how messed up your life is.  How bummed you feel.  How far you are from your goals.  You can always be of service to others.

--Can you smile at your grandma with love?

--Help your parents prepare a meal?

--Lend your sister a shoulder to rest on?

--Give a friend a helpful suggestion?

--Say thank you sincerely to your barista at the café?

If so, you daily mission remains intact.  You are good to go.  You know what to do.  Spread the light.

When You Focus On Being Of Service, You Stop Obsessing About The Details Of Your Life

When you flip your focus this way, you will find you relax.  Life's annoyances and challenges -- both big and small -- lose their hold on you.  They seem a little less daunting.  The problems are something to look past as you strive to be of service.

So, can you be of service to others today?  If so, relax.  All is well.

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