What Are My Whys?

A lot of writers and bloggers advise that you need to know the “why” for doing what you do.  I agree with this.  It helps orient your decision-making and also keeps you going in the tough times.

Here are my whys:

–I can’t actually explain my most basic why.  I’m just driven internally to do certain things.  It’s a force that is inside that drives the choices I make–especially the major life decisions.  I don’t mind that I can’t completely explain this.  Perhaps it is above my pay grade.

–Creating things is deeply satisfied.

–I want to help people.  I like helping people.  It is satisfying to help people.

–I want to have a materially abundant life.  Not just decently getting by, but a life that allows me to provide very well for myself and my family.  (This can be done in my judgement with a net worth at about $5,000,000 or above.  Preferably closer to $10,000,000.  I’m open to having a net worth much higher than this, but it isn’t crucial to my life goals.)

Regarding the above list, the politically correct answer would be to only write about helping people and making that the focus of this post.  But that wouldn’t be totally honest.  Helping you IS INDEED A HUGE MOTIVATOR.  But there are other factors that matter to me a lot.  I think we all help each other the most when we actually tell the truth about what is going on–though there are exceptions to this heuristic.

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